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IP Addressing Scheme

With the increase of wide-area microwave networks supporting various VoIP and supplemental radio systems, it is necessary to standardize on an IP addressing scheme that can accommodate a switched network with multiple gateways.

Site Allocations

Each site should have its own /24 (172.20.x.0-172.20.x.254) address space. The digits in the “x” position are determined by a site identifier, such as a common repeater frequency. For example, the UT Dallas site uses the address space because the K5UTD VHF repeater is on 145.43MHz. The K5RWK site uses because of the 147.12MHz repeater.

Device Allocations

Different sites will be required to accommodate different classes of devices. It can be assumed that most sites will have a managed switch, at least one backhaul radio, and some devices that are connected to the network. Certain sites will have an internet gateway.

AddressesDevice Type
172.20.xx.1Default Gateway
172.20.xx.2-9Site Switches
172.20.xx.10-49WiFi Radios
172.20.xx.50-99Application Devices
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