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 |Richardson - Palisades|​24| |Richardson - Palisades|​24|
 |Denton Co EOC|​24| |Denton Co EOC|​24|
 +|PARK Plano MCP|​24|
 +|PARK - Prestige|​24|
 +|PARK THC - Presbyterian|​24|
 |The Colony Water Tower|​24| |The Colony Water Tower|​24|
 |UT Dallas|​24| |UT Dallas|​24|
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 |Delta V Instruments|​24| |Delta V Instruments|​24|
 |TWU - Stark Hall|​24| |TWU - Stark Hall|​24|
 +|PARK Frisco - Hillcrest|TBD|
 ===== Device Allocations ===== ===== Device Allocations =====
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