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Kealy Tower

The Kealy Tower is a 320' self-supporting structure located in Lewisville Texas near the Lake Lewisville Dam.

The Kealy Tower hosts 3 primary tenants: The City of Lewisville, Denton County, and KRNB.

The Denton County ARA has access to a DB-228 antenna located at the top of the tower. In addition, DCARA maintains a Davis Vantage Pro2 mounted to the tower.


  • Voter (Remote Receiver) for 146.92 Repeater & I-Gate
  • KE5GDB FSQ Relay Station
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station
  • 2.4GHz AREDN Gear
  • Assorted Raspberry Pis

92 Voter & I-Gate

The 146.92 voter consists of a Motorola VHF CDM750, an NHRC-4 repeater controller, and a Motorola UHF CDM1550. The NHRC-4 controller uses the repeater port for the standard voter. The remote base port is connected to a Raspberry Pi running Direwolf to decode APRS packets transmitted on 146.32MHz. The Pi gates the packets to the internet via W5NGU-9.

The receive side of the voter is connected to the DB-228 on the high side of a Sinclair 4-cavity VHF duplexer. The low side is connected to the FSQ relay station.

FSQ Relay

The FSQ relay station consists of an ASUS Tinkerboard running FLDigi. The station operates on 145.67MHz with the callsign KE5GDB. Transmit power output is close to 25 watts. The radio is connected to the low side of the Sinclair duplexers.

Davis Vantage Pro2

The Davis weather station is connected to the internet via “KealyPi”. The KealyPi runs weewx and uploads the verbose report here in addition to streaming data to Weather Underground and APRS as KD5EOC-9.

The KealyPi also interfaces to the 92 voter to I-Gate APRS packets heard on 146.32MHz.

AREDN at Kealy

The Kealy Tower hosts a Rocket M2 at 150' with two panels: NW and SW?

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