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Guinn Hall

Guinn Hall is a dormitory building located on the TWU campus in Denton. The antennas on Guinn Hall are mounted at 300' AGL, and the radio room is just below the “crown” on top of the building.


  • 3 AREDN 120° Sector Antennas
  • “DCARALAN” Central Hub
  • “FogServer”


DCARA has mounted 3 AREDN radios on Guinn Hall. The hardware consists of three Ubiquiti Rocket M2 radios and Ubiquiti 2G15 120° sector antennas. These radios operate under the W5NGU callsign and use channel -2 with a 5MHz channel width.


Guinn Hall hosts the primary router for the DCARA network “DCARALAN”.

Microwave equipment:

  • 34dBi RocketDish (5G34) to Rosston
  • PowerBeam M5-400 to N5LS (ISP)
  • PowerBeam M5-400 to EOC
  • PowerBeam M5-400 to KC5GOI (ISP)
  • airGrid M5 to Aubrey Tower

Other equipment:

  • Router
  • “FogServer”
  • 92Pi
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