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The GuinnRouterX is a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X that drives the majority of the DCARALAN network.

This page is intended to serve as documentation for some of the configuration aspects of the router.

Dual WAN

There are two WAN ports, eth0 and eth1, that are configured for automatic failover. KC5GOI sources internet to eth0, and N5LS sources internet to eth1.

Port Forwarding

Due to the complicated nature of the Dual-WAN setup, port forwarding is not supported by the regular port forwarding utility. To forward a port, follow these steps.

NOTE: The firewall policies are applied after DNAT translation. The port entered in the WAN_IN firewall section should be the port of the local device if it differs from the public port.

  1. Make a backup
    1. On the bottom of the screen, click System
    2. Scroll down to Configuration Management & Device Maintenance
    3. Click “Download” under “Back Up Config”
  2. Navigate to Firewall/NAT > WAN_IN > Actions > Edit Ruleset
  3. If the destination device is already listed, click Actions > Destination and append the port to the “Port” field
    1. Skip to step 10
  4. If the destination device is not listed, click “Add New Rule”
  5. In the Add New Rule popup box, enter a brief description (no spaces allowed)
    1. Action: Accept
    2. Protocol: [choose]
  6. Under the “Destination” tab, enter the IP address and ports (comma separated or hyphenated, no spaces)
  7. Click “Save”
  8. Move the rule (click & drag) above the “Drop invalid state” rule
  9. Click “Save Rule Order”
  10. Navigate to Firewall/NAT > NAT and click “Add Destination NAT Rule”
  11. Enter a short description (no spaces), followed by “_eth0”
  12. Select eth0 from the “Inbound Interfaces” menu
  13. Enter the device IP address and port in the “Translations” area
  14. Enter the public port in the “Dest Port” port field (required!)
  15. Enter the private port in the “Translations” field (required!)
  16. Click Save
  17. In the list of Destination NAT Rules, find the newly created rule and click Actions > Copy
  18. On the duplicate rule, click Actions > Config
  19. Change the “_eth0” to “_eth1” in the description
  20. Change the “Inbound Interface” to eth1
  21. Verify that the port properly forwarded (test the application)
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