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145.49 Repeater

Operating Parameters

  • Callsign: WD5U
  • 145.49MHz
  • -600KHz Offset
  • PL 85.4Hz (TX & RX)
  • 20w transmit power

The Rosston 145.49MHz repeater is a wide-area VHF repeater that covers most of the metroplex and some parts of southern Oklahoma. The National Weather Service office in Fort Worth uses this repeater for spotter reports during severe weather events.


  • Receive Antenna - DB-224 @ 1750' AGL
  • 250' 1/2“ Heliax
  • Telewave preamplifier
  • 4-port splitter
  • Two band-pass cavity filters
  • Kenwood TKR-750 repeater
  • CAT-300 controller
  • Motorola CDM-1250 remote base
  • Transmit Antenna - DB-224 @ 1500' AGL

The 3 remaining ports on the 4-port splitter source 2m RF to the D-Star C module, a voter for the 146.92 Repeater and an RTL-SDR dongle.


The 145.49 Repeater.

A view from the base of the 1750' RX antenna.

Looking down from 1750'. The 53.13 receive antenna can be seen in this shot.

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